5 days in Cambodia

A week is not enough! But if it is all you can afford, like me, take a look my experience to get ideas.


Why Travel

I always had a fascination with things old, things foreign, things different. I can’t pin point what sparked this interest because I have had this from my first memories. Maybe it is curiosity. Perhaps its my identity. As a transplant, I grew up being different from my friends. So mixing cultures and traditions and languages…

Your Story

In the end the only thing you own is your story, just trying to make a good one. -Australia   (Currently crushing on Hugh)


the moments we share will matter more than those we missed

Happy Women’s Day

Females are wonderful creatures. I am not biased at all. This is proven fact.


It has taken me forever to finish this book. It contains much wisdom.

Trekking in Nepal: Budget

The higher you climb, the more expensive things are. This is because there are no vehicle roads, everything is carried on the back of a mule, or most often, a porter.

Trekking in Nepal: Permits

There are two permits you need to get. One specific to the trekking area, and another one called the Trekkers Information Management System (TIMS).