It was my second day exploring Angkor Wat. I rented a tuk tuk this time so I can see more than a few temples in the day.

It was the first temple of the day. As I walked through the temple, I saw a miscarried fetus of a puppy. I’m not a mother yet, but I felt a deep sadness for the loss of life. It’s a rare instance where you see an expelled fetus in nature. The temple was quite empty of people as it was still early. I had a moment for the passing of the puppy and then kept walking through. Until I heard a sound I’ve never heard before. I walked off the path to find out what was the noise. It sounded like something was in trouble. I realized it was a dog crying, and thought it must have been the mother. She found a hiding spot in the middle of some rubble. And she was crying, most probably for her lost baby a few feet away.

I’ve never had a pet, but I’ve always know animals to be emotional and intelligent. Witnessing this dog crying for her miscarried puppy made me so sad.

Humans often think they are the only animals with emotions. I believe most animals are capable of empathy.

*Photo taken by Kem Ramirez Photography and used with permission. Please exercise artistic integrity and credit back to the original artist.*







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