Yogi Journal Entry #1

I have never attended a yoga class. I associate yoga with meditation, and for me, meditation is something very private and not for show.

Still, I find myself doing yoga everywhere. Especially when I am around nature. I don’t have fancy pictures to prove it, because personally, I think that is silly.

Recently, I went to a national park, and I was sitting down on a rock looking into the river. I started doing yoga and got into it. I was in my zone and no one was bothering me. And all of a sudden, I hear, “oh, that’s a good pose.” I saw this pair of young women go around taking photos of themselves doing yoga poses all over the park. But they were not practicing yoga, just taking photos of the poses. I think that is so silly.

Yoga for some is just stretching. Yoga as the original practice is so much more than that! It gets on my nerves a little bit to see this beautiful practice become so commercialized and bastardized.

However, I do think it is wonderful that so many people are getting to experience this practice for what it is, and leading healthier lives as a result.



What do you think?

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