Why Travel

I always had a fascination with things old, things foreign, things different. I can’t pin point what sparked this interest because I have had this from my first memories. Maybe it is curiosity.

Perhaps its my identity. As a transplant, I grew up being different from my friends. So mixing cultures and traditions and languages and art, its the way I created my identity. My entire mind is a fusion of every one of my experiences. Perhaps that is how I am resourceful.

I like to figure things out. I am a problem solver. I’m adventurous. I like taking myself out of my comfort zone and learning new things. When things get difficult, I get discouraged and distracted, but eventually I come back to my mission and stick with it.

People have their own reason for traveling. I like to learn about the world, make new observations, and explore. This earth is small, and it’s the only one we have. If we are all in our own world, we suffocate ourselves and each other. This is why we must share the earth. Not just with people, but with all of the earth. The more you observe the world, the more you would realize we are all made up of the same material.

Traveling is not just pretty pictures, bucket lists, and glamour. You are out of place and you see the world as it is. The omnipresent racism, the debilitating paranoia, offensive rudeness. You start to read people’s faces. You see poverty, you see misery, you see sadness in peoples eyes. People are lonely. You see irony. You see hypocrisy. You see people entitled, you see people marginalized.

You also see the best of humanity: kind helpful strangers who want nothing in return. The beautiful moments you observe because you are paying attention, delicious culinary finds, new floral and fauna, people you can trust. You see goodness. You see smiles. Gratitude. Optimism. You see hard working people. You see loving relationships. You see happiness.

I am privileged to have an unlimited passport. The world is beautiful, the best thing in life is to take it all in.


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