Happy Women’s Day

Bilkes encouraging her three daughters to not be afraid of the water. (Bangladesh, 2011)

March 8th, today, is International Women’s Day.


Females are wonderful creatures. I am not biased at all. This is proven fact.

“Woman” is the only label I identify with 100 percent. Female was assigned for me by biology, and I happily grew into it.

However, females of all origin and of the gender spectrum face discrimination and often fall victim to violence because of their gender.

Empowering women and giving them the same rights and accesses as men improves the health and economic indicators of a country.

  • Women who make their own money invests more in their children
  • Educated women are less likely to be child brides, they have less children, and fertility rates have direct correlation with national income growth.
  • Women joining the workforce improves productivity.
  • And many more…

Everyone wins!

Take some time to learn more about International Women’s Day. Empower yourself, and those around you.

Celebrate the women in your lives because they are amazing beings, today and every day!





*Photos were taken by Kem Ramirez Photography and used with permission. Please exercise artistic integrity and ask permission before using content from this site. Please give credit and link back to the artist.*








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