Trekking Nepal: Things I wish I would have done differently

Traveling is also a learning experience in the way of travel. I always think what to do to make the process better. If I went on this trip again, I would do a few things differently. 

Things I wish I would have done differently:

  1. Get hiking poles. Towards the end, I found bamboo sticks lying on the trail, I picked them up and used them as hiking poles. It helped so much. If I would have bought some in Kathmandu, hiking might have been slightly easier.
  2. Bring wool gloves. It’s really cold at night. And early in the morning. You’ll sleep better if you are warm. You can buy this in Kathmandu as well.
  3. Buy a better backpack. You can read my comments here.
  4. Bring a better camera. Your eyes are the best camera you will ever have, and nothing compares to the views you will experience. But you can always try and capture the beauty. It’s worth it.
  5. Exchange more cash in Kathmandu. I was working in Thailand, and so I was traveling with Thai Baht. The exchange rate is terrible, so I was waiting to get a better rate, and got the worst rate because I waited too long. I would recommend to exchange all the money you need in Kathmandu. There are no ATMs on the trail. Also, it is better to travel with cash, some ATMs are sketchy.
  6. Buy more local art. I had to really stick to my budget and not buy extra because I didn’t exchange enough. I love spending my money on art and handicrafts. I love helping local small businesses and empowering artists. I also have a problem with collecting unique things. Maybe I am an aspiring hoarder.


Have you been trekking in Nepal? What are some things you wish you would have done differently?


What do you think?

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