I’ve been putting off writing for too long. I have been making all sorts of excuses. I used to have a blog in high school and it was like an online diary, before Facebook. I wrote random things, posted songs, lyrics, photos, etc. It’s like how I use Facebook now, so nothing has changed. But blogs are scarier now, because some posts go viral, and there are more people with opinions to criticize you. But oh well. Haters gonna hate. What else to do but to live your own life?

I intend to make this a travel blog/life hacks blog. I do a lot of my own research before traveling, or trying something new. And it would be nice to put it all in one space. I also have a lot of opinions, so this my turn into a political/history blog as well. Who knows, I have many talents and interests. 🙂

I am not writing as an expert on anything. So please, read this, but also do your own research and make your own decisions. This blog is more for me to put all my research and experiences in one place, but I wanted to share what I have learned as well.



What do you think?

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